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So I had a test this evening and it SUCKED.

Generally, during a class period, the professor goes over about half a chapter from the book, and expects us to read the other half of the chapter and there's a mix of material from in class and from the reading on the test. No problem. The last test was on 3 chapters, so three chapters of reading, plus three days of class lecture. I got a 88% plus 8 points extra credit for a 96%. Solid.

This time...we had one class (two more were canceled) and were supposed to have covered 4 chapters. So in class, we were prepared for 1/8th of the exam. The other parts were reading, which I stupidly left until today and didn't finish. FUCK. So there were quite a few questions I just didn't know, and more that I knew I had read but wasn't really sure the specifics. Overall, though, I think I did fairly well. Surprisingly. And the questions did seem easier than test one, either that or it was just more interesting. Civil Right and Liberties as opposed to The Constitution (the subject of last test).

But still. Not happy. So I went to Chipotle to get a burrito for dinner (yum) and will soon be watching Pride & Prejudice with the roomie (sweet...belated Keira Knightley birthday celebration!).

Perhaps the night will look up soon.

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