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But she didn't tell you when the world has brought you down to your knees...

I'm continuing my "Friends" marathon. It's been two days straight. From the time I wake up until the time I go to bed...virtually. I'm not even sure if it's supremely enjoyable anymore.

Actually, I take that back. It is highly enjoyable. But it's a lot of "Friends." Since I started watching, Ross has been married and divorced twice! (Ha ha ha.) And now, Rachel's sister Jill (Reese Witherspoon) is visiting, and hilarity has ensued.

In other news, I'm a fire hazard right now. I have three candles lit. I have a Napa Valley Harvest (orange and peach scented, from Illuminations) by my bed, Passion Fruit and Guava (from Bath and Body Works) on my desk, and Love (lemon-scented aromatherapy from Illuminations, in the bathroom). I had Macintosh (from Yankee Candle) on my desk, but it wasn't fragrant enough, so I snuffed it and lit the other three. Overkill? Who knows. But the window is open and my bedroom door, so there is circulation.

Oh, and I'm a total dumbass. I didn't realize Jennifer Aniston's father (John Aniston) is Victor Kiriakis on "Days of Our Lives." Rock on. I used to love "Days."

I did laundry tonight. Yay for clean clothes. However, I'm out of Diet Pepsi and bottle water, so my only option is tap water (which isn't good here). For dinner, I went to Fazoli's so I could get a large Diet Coke. I must go grocery shopping. I'm hoping to meet the mother tomorrow in Clermont for "lunch" and then make her take me to Publix. It's not that I don't like grocery shopping alone (which I really don't...) but I mostly don't like having to pay for groceries. Or lunch. Any food, in general. I prefer if I not waste my own money.

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