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Please be strangely enegmatic...

Apparently karma is pissed at me. I'm not entirely sure why.

I realized about a week ago that my license plates had expired. I'm not sure what compelled me to look, I was fairly certain they expired in April. But I did look, and remember that the teal Cavalier's license plates expired in April and my silver Sentra had a yellow sticker stating: 02-06.


Now, for those of you not familiar with vehicle registration (because who among us doesn't have their parents do it for them?) the Secretary of State sends out a renewal form, generally two months before the tags expire. If they expire in April, you'd receive a form sometime in February. For me, I should have received a form in December. However, the address on my vehicle registration (that was DEFINITELY the parents' responsibility) was 1124 Greenwood Avenue, Deerfield. Needless to say, we are no longer living at that address, and having been over a year since the move out (November of 2004), the Post Office was no longer forwarding mail.

So we never got the form to renew, and thus, hadn't renewed.

Long story short (too late), mi madre called the Secretary of State's office and got it all sorted out. And bonus: there's no late fee if you renew within 30 days of expiration. Sweet.

Then today, I finally get my registration in the mail, about 12:30 this afternoon. At 11:33am, I had received a ticket from the lovely UCF Police, for having expired plates.


Now, I know there isn't a late fee within 30-days, so I was kinda hoping it was a grace period from being ticketed as well. But I'm not sure if this is the case, because I can't find the answer anywhere online. I'm going to attempt to appeal with this argument, but I was hoping to have some sort of fact to support it. I really could do without a $40 ticket.

So I've gone out at replaced the sticker (and when they say you can't remove that sticker without destroying it, they weren't kidding!) and I'm in the clear as far as further violations (and the address has been changed to my sister's house in Antioch). But for now, I'm really not feeling the whole "ticket" thing.


In other news:

- I watched Me, You, And Everyone We Know last night, and I liked it a lot for reasons I don't even really understand. It wasn't particularly brilliant, though it was interesting. I like the feel of indie films, and this one was certainly well-done, so that probably has a lot to do with it. And something about the actors/characters was exceptionally engaging. Even the child actors were great, and they are usually just shoved in because they are cute. So kudos to Miranda July on that one.

- This morning, I met with a "career advisor," who wasn't actually a career advisor, or at least he told me he'd never done it before. He was a bit egotistical, talked about himself A LOT, but at the same time, hearing his experience in the industry made me feel a bit better about my future. Basically his advice was for me to continue tooling around, like I'm doing...and to get more involved in stuff (like regional theatre, of all things. He mentioned a production of "Antigone" that's happening in Orlando and urged me to go see it). As well as meeting people in classes and working on projects around campus. "The jerk in your Cinema Survey class is going to be a director someday, so you may as well get to know him." This, I'm not so sure about. Meeting new people = not my forte.

But, he said it took him 10 years to get into movies after graduating college, so I figure I have a good 12 years from where I am now before I have to panic about being a failure. It's actually rather reassuring. And on the upside, I'm somewhat looking toward getting back into theatre.

And now, I have a couple Netflix (Altman's "The Player" and Bergman's "Scenes From a Marriage") as well as 5 short films that came out of UCF that Mr. Career Advisor told me to watch. I also need lunch and a nap. But my weekend is here, so let the partying commence.

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