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As some of you may know, I'm reading the first Harry Potter book, en francais (Harry Potter à l'école des sorciers), for fun.

Anyway, here are some interesting and useful words, for those who care:

Hibou - owl
Baguette magique - magic wand
Balai - broom
Chocogrenouille - Chocolate Frog
Moldu - Muggle
Le Gazette du sorcier - The Daily Prophet
Poudlard - Hogwarts
Noises - knuts
Mornilles - sickles
Gallions - galleons
Gryffondor - Gryffindor
Poufsouffle - Hufflepuff
Serdaigle - Ravenclaw
Serpentard - Slytherin

So far, nothing else has been changed except Malfoy is spelled "Malefoy" and Madam Hooch is Madame Bibine, but I'm only on chapter five.

I think this is terribly interesting. Oh, and if you look up "poudlard" on google, you get a ton of crazy HP fan sites, much the the english versions that I visit often. Sweet.

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