Gail (gailmarie) wrote,

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I totally want a pair of Keds. I know...Keds!

But look at the cute!

Plus, Mischa Barton in Keds = totally adorable.

And now, the mother is encouraging early on-set of skin cancer and forcing me outside. Tan is nice, skin cancer is not. But I shall attempt to find something with an SPF in this house (not likely) and then sit out while looking through the remainder of my InStyle magazine.

Oh, also? The new line of Louis Vuitton bags aren't terrible. I know, what a concept? Well...the "perforated" ones are pretty bad. But the new suede Onatah bags with the protruding suede flowers are adorable. (Oh, and their "vernis" line is always sleek.)

Alright. Sun and more InStyle.

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