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Curiouser and curiouser...

From a Foundations of Story assignment:

Create a visual representation of the characterization of your main character. This should include:
- Age and IQ
- Sex and sexuality
- Style of speech and gesture
- Home, car, and dress
- Education and occupation
- Personality and temperament
- Values and attitudes
- Any other observable traits of the character

Okay. So I understand that drawing someone who appears to have a 120 IQ is a challenge, but not entirely impossible. Sometimes you can tell just by looking if someone is intelligent.

But values? Style of speech? How do I draw a character with whom I've only been acquainted for two typed pages (I barely know her!) and include her temperament?

That's not all...

Create a visual representation of true character. Remember that true character can only be revealed through the choices a person makes under pressure in pursuit of his/her desires. Ask yourself about your main character:
- What does she want (conscious desire)?
- Why does she want is (unconscious desire)?
- How does she feel (emotion)?
- What is her objective or goal? What is she trying to achieve or change or do based on her conscious and unconscious desires?
- What is at stake/what pressure is she under in pursuit of reaching her objective?
- What decision does she make under this pressure in pursuit of her desire?

All of that. In one. Lousy. Picture.

This assignment is fucking bogus. I forfeit.

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