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School = yuck

Classes are so boring. Luckily, I have very little homework. Yay. Fall play practice went well, and quickly too. We were missing a couple people due to religious services today, so we just did a run-though off-book without blocking. It made it quick and easy. We were done in less than an hour, so I decided to go to crew afterwards. Yay. Fun.

Now I'm home. Checked my e-mail, nothing overly exciting. There was one forward that I received from my mother (there's a shocker). It wasn't very well written, but it had a really excellent concept. It was the WTC crash in "How The Grinch Stole Christmas". Basically, exactly what happened. They tried to make us fall apart by taking the Twin Towers and all the people inside of them. However, they didn't succeed, and we only came closer together. I guess we all have a little Who inside.

I'm mega-hungry...really want dinner. Will go see what parents are planning (right, cus they actually plan dinner.) We are delivery/take-out people. Sometimes restaurant people. Very rarely do we actually *make* anything. Oh well...home-cooking is saved for special Christmas. And Thanksgiving. Maybe Easter.

[Sidenote regarding music: Three times today I had to explain the difference between Tabitha's Secret and Matchbox 20.]

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