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This clock never seems so alive...

This post is solely to remind me of the work I need to be doing this week. Because I started it as an away message to say "look at the work I should be doing." Then I realized that I had forgotten some major assignments (including my English paper worth 25% of my grade that is due on Wednesday). Finally, I decided that if I didn't write them down, I was going to forget them again, and subsequently be royally screwed. [These are in chronological order according to due date.]

School work:
- Study the Constitution and fundamental elements of Federalism for American National Government test tomorrow
- Send out email to Cinematic Expressions group
- Journal about pre-production and filming for Cinematic Expressions
- Read "The Writer's Journey" (50 pages) and "Story" (60 pages) for Foundations of Story (I of the other one)
- Write a narrative following the Hero's Journey guidelines for Foundations of Story (done! It sucks!)
- Read "Riding the Bus With My Sister" (35 pages) for English Comp 2
- Write paper on The Usual Suspects for English Comp 2 due Wednesday
- Draft a proposal for second English Comp 2 paper
- Write-up on Elephant for Script Analysis [Further note to self: There is no second major plot point/obligitory scene/climax. Theme: Crime doesn't pay?]

Other things:
- Mail Zoe's birthday card
- Mail AES Deferment form
- Mail Netflix
- Writing (esp. my D/R story)
- Watch Netflix
- Read Harry Potter, en français (le langue me manque)

Finally, "Grey's Anatomy" comes on in 2 hours, 50 minutes. Don't forget.

Edit: So I've gotten all the shitty stuff done. And nothing fun.

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