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There's another world inside of me that you may never see...

An hour and a half ago, I took two Aleve (= a lot) for an extreme backache. And now? It still hurts. Not as much, but still. Ouch.

I'm not really sure what I did to it. The pain came on rather suddenly. It's mid-back, which is also odd. I carry my tension in my shoulders, so I'm not carrying around my stress. It could be a posture issue (I have terrible posture) but I don't know what would have caused the sudden on-set. I briefly entertained the possibility that it was all the driving to my mother's and back. 180 miles (4 hours) every weekend.

Whatever is causing it, I'd like it to stop. Or at least to not hurt so much right now.

In other news, "CSI" was good tonight. I love when Grissom gets to be super-smart!scientist guy. Then I watched the last half-hour of the encore presentation of "Grey's Anatomy," because it is entirely necessary to watch every episode at least twice.

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