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But who's it hurting now? Who's the one that's stuck...?

I am saddened.

I turned on CBS at 10pm (EST), expecting to find the next installment of the FABULOUS new television show, "Love Monkey." And instead I found a repeat episode of "NCIS."

Now, I have nothing against "NCIS," except that I can't watch Mark Harmon without thinking of Secret Service Agent Simon Donovan. I flipped channels, to make sure that I wasn't hallucinating that it's on CBS.

Then I checked and indeed, it was unlisted.

I checked and it claims the show is on "hiatus." says nothing at all.

IMDb message boards claim the show has been cancelled.

E! news says it is on hiatus with no scheduled return date and "sources close to the show ... [say] that Love Monkey won't be coming back."

I am not taking this well. Like...I'm on the verge of tears. I really liked this show. Almost as much as "Grey's Anatomy" (though they are hard to compare). Fucking CBS. Fucking reality shows. You know what should be cancelled? "Dancing With the Stars" and "Skating With Celebrities." For that matter, "Survivor" has outlived it's welcome in my mind. And while I like "Law and Order" and "CSI," it's depressing that the only new shows to survive have to be spin-offs (this includes the up-coming "Conviction" that I'm doubting will be cancelled after only 3 episodes), or new seasons of the same old reality shit. [I dare you to count how many television shows are about cops/detectives/agents/criminalists. I can think of nine off the top of my head...without really trying!]

Isn't this why we have cable television? Isn't this why we have HUNDREDS of channels? So that at least one night a week, a quality television program can be aired and enjoyed by those who don't like watching people eat bugs?

Now, I may sound a bit hypocritical due to my love of "Project Runway," but at least it's a competition that is talent-based and voted on by professional judges. There is no other show equivalent. Not to mention that it's on Bravo...the least threatening station EVER. No one watches Bravo for primetime TV.

It's so trite, but the way I'm feeling is similar to when Kerry lost in the election of 2004. There was nothing more I could do. I cast my ballot, I made the right choice, I sat and watched CNN's coverage...and he lost. They say that if you stop watching reality tv, it will disappear. But that doesn't seem to be true. And the converse does not hold true either. Because I watched...and it's cancelled.

As a final note, I'm sure it seems this show was the Mecca of all things great, and it really wasn't. But it was very good. It had an exceptional cast, extraordinarily solid writing, an interesting premise, and the opportunity for endless numbers of guest stars. It was really good. *sigh*

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