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It's your life, you should decorate it as you like...

Give me a big "WHAT THE FUCK?!?!"

From IMDb:

Oldman Axed from Harry Potter Film?

Actor Gary Oldman looks unlikely to reprise his role as Sirius Black in the next Harry Potter offering, after reports he has been mysteriously axed from the wizard franchise. Oldman, who has appeared in the last two movies adapted from JK Rowling's popular children's books, has yet to be signed for a third term - even though filming for Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix has already begun. The actor's manager, Douglas Urbanski, tells British newspaper The Sun, "You will be shocked to learn there are no plans for Gary to appear in the film. To say we are puzzled is an understatement at the very least! We are left with no choice but to pursue other employment for him." Vanessa Davis, spokeswoman for production company Warner Brothers, confirms no deal has been reached, but insists there is still time to resolve the confusion. She says, "With any film the priority is confirming the cast who will be on the set from the outset."


Maybe Warner Bros. doesn't understand that Sirius needs to be in OotP. Taking the house elves out of Goblet? Annoying, but understandable. Taking Sirius out of Order? UN-FUCKING-ACCEPTIBLE!

HAS ANYONE WORKING ON THE FILM READ THE BOOK??? He's an important member of the Order. His HOUSE is Order headquarters. He leads the siege of the Order to save Harry at the Ministry. It's called ORDER OF THE PHOENIX and Sirius IS the fucking Order.

Not to mention that his role in the last film SUCKED. Seriously? One scene? Where is face is made out of logs? That's not acting, that's computer animation. ARG!

(Not that I really need to explain that to any of you wonderful people out there who are equally obsessed with Harry Potter, but still...)

Gail is angry. She wants a speedy resolution that includes Gary Oldman playing Sirius Black in the fifth installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise. NOW!!!

In other news, today is director Alexander Payne's birthday (a personal favorite of mine) as well as Laura Dern (who starred in his Citizen Ruth). I may have to watch Sideways to celebrate (which I oddly enough brought with me this weekend). Sweet.

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