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Five For Fighting

The concert was pretty good. The lead singer is a total weirdo, but the bassist was really hot. Think, John Stamos meets Even Lowenstein (from Evan and Jaron). Oh, it was nice. And we were like 10 feet away from him the whole time, cus we were a row from the stage (if you can consider them "rows" in a standing room only venue). One of the coolest things, though, was that he dedicated the song "Superman" to all of the firefighters and police officers and everyone helping the effort in New York, because they are real life supermen. It was awesome.

The opening act was good too. This really adorable chick singing and a hottie Fred Durst looking guy on acoustic guitar. Very angsty music, but I liked it. One of the songs was titles "My Boyfriend's A Porn Star". It was really funny. Wanted to sign up for their mailing list on the sheet by the merchandise, but the crowds were kinda huge getting out, so I didn't get the chance too. :o(

I love Dave Fogel! He does the afternoon/rush hour radio show on The Mix here in Chicago. He was only onstage for about a minute to toss out tee-shirts and introduce Five For Fighting, but I love him to pieces. He's adorable too. Very Jack from Something So Right. Remember that show? Can't for the life of me think of the actor's name.

That is Dave Fogel. He's fun, and I love him to pieces on the radio.

Cici, a couple things. One, Brian Peck is the DJ after Eric and Cathy, and before Dave Fogel [I knew it was...someone...]. Two, After 5 Live shows are free to the first 300 people there. Hmmm...wanna see Verve Pipe next Monday?? I know, I know, it's a Monday. And I have play rehearsal until 6 (though I could leave early)...we probably wouldn't be one of the first 300 people. But still, I'm up for it.

How cool?! I just got an e-mail from one of the guys in Single. I had sent a message requesting they come to Chicago, and they will be recording in Minneapolis in November and said he would try to book something in Chicago while they are in the Mid-west. I may totally be responsible for bring a band to play here. I feel so cool. He also asked if I knew any local bands that might be good as an opening act. I'm so bouncy right now...I'm like flipping out. He ended the e-mail with "Keeping rockin' my hometown." Howard is a native Chicagoan? How cool! I'm so psyched right now.

Hee hee....will never get to bed now. Too wired. So excited...yay!

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