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How 'bout no longer being masochistic...?

My uterus is trying to escape my body, Alien-style. Seriously...huge amounts of pain and pressure and my Midol is not kicking in fast enough.

In other news, my test this morning, which was supposed to be really easy (and for the most part was) sucked. It was only 25 questions, so I got three wrong (two because I'm a total dumbass and didn't read the entire question carefully) and got a B. Grrr...the upside is that we have a paper due every week on the last week's movie selection. Last week, he picked about 7 people's papers to read parts or make some sort of "good point"...this week he only picked two. My papers were picked both weeks. Next week, he'll definitely be using some of my lovely incites again. Conceited? Maybe a little. But in this week's paper, I related one of the characters (named Caesar) to Julius Caesar because both were betrayed by people they trusted. Wha-bam. Gail gets an A.

And now, I pack for the weekend, take a brief nap, and meet the mother and aunts in Clermont at Carrabba's. I've never eaten at a Carrabba's. I'm excited.

Oh, and Zoe. I haven't read it yet, but I will DEFINITELY be doing that tonight!

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