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There's nothing to be gained from this but disaster...

It had been decided that I was getting married (in true princess-style) at Disney World. The Food Network tonight had a special on Disney Fairy-Tale Weddings, and I am now more than ever excited about the possibility.

I am an enigma. I fear serious commitment (or do I use that as an excuse?), but I am more than happy to plan a beautiful, fairy-tale wedding. 100 of my closest family and friends for a mere $70,000. Pocket change, really.

So now among my requirements for a husband are:
- Willing to be my Prince Charming...slightly more than figuratively
- Willing to pay $70,000 (or more) for a wedding of my dreams
- Willing to give up most of his decision-making power for one great weekend.

The girl they were following had a Wonderland Tea Party. The was amazing. Crazy angles, eye-popping colors, jester-like patterns. Oh, and Alice showed up with the Mad Hatter. She also got a carriage ride in Cinderella's coach to the wedding chapel. And the Major Domo brought in the rings in a glass slipper on a pillow.

It's the things that little girls dream of, and I rather think I would like to continue dreaming.

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