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One day you're in, the next day, you're out...

I need to find the inciting incident and two major plot points for a West German film called Schmetterlinge ("Butterflies") and I have NO idea what any of it is...because I can't figure out what the conflict was.

There was a guy (Andi..about 18 years old) in the present time. It starts with Andi waking up one day and he finds a note that that father of a little girl (8-ish) who died wants to talk to him because Andi was the last one to see the girl alive. (Andi saw the girl drowning in the canal from a bridge, and was the one who went to get a policeman to help get her out.)

But then there are all these flashbacks. And in the flashbacks, we see the girl hanging around Andi and following him. He buys her ice cream and a toy (the girl is a bit manipulative). He says he's going down by the canal and she asks if there are butterflies near there. He says yes, and she follows him for a while. She's a bit whiny, and talks a lot. She says her parents don't like her being down by the canal, and the say it's dangerous.

She gets tired of walking so far and says she wants to go back, but he refuses. Then he pulls her under a bridge and pulls out his penis and tells her to take it in her mouth. The girl runs away from him, trips and falls over the edge of a concrete staircase, dying.

In the present, Andi meets with the father and says he doesn't know much other than what he told the police, he saw the girl in the canal, but couldn't help because he was up on a bridge and can't swim. The father screams a bit, because he's really upset, and Andi maintains that he knows nothing about how the girl died.

So...what is the conflict?

There are plenty of conflicts, but none that fit into the stupid model of a film, or short film (it was 57 minutes).

I think the inciting incident is when Andi pulls the girl under the bridge and exposes himself to her. Therefore the first major plot point is the girl's death. Which would lead to the conflict of the father searching for how she died. Therefore the second major plot point is the meeting between the father and Andi...though the resolution is kinda non-existent, because while the audience learns what happened to the girl, the father never does.

Bah, this is too much thinking.

Other than that, I'm done for the week. Rock. After "Project Runway" I have one more episode of season three of "The West Wing." By the way, the episodes with CJ's bodyguard are the best. I'm really dreading watching the last episode of season three because I know what happens. And I know that it will have "Hallelujah" playing in the background and I WILL cry.


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