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Why can't I be optimistic? I tried to find the logic logically...

Thanks to those who were lovely enough to attempt helping me with my English project (the subculture in film thing). I decided to go a slightly different direction. After an hour and a half of discussing and searching with Zoe, we came up "criminal underground" and I will be using The Usual Suspects as my evidence...assuming my English prof approves the idea.

I'm feeling feverish, which is bad....very bad. I don't do sick well.

Also, I have to write a "job intent" letter for my summer gig. Eww. I hate whoring myself out like this. I get to explain all the reasons I should be a boss. Because I'm good at what I do, end of story. I don't do well with self-promotion. I'm never going to make it in film. Then again, I probably wouldn't have made it in theatre either.

I did my reading for tomorrow morning's class. Boring times twelve. Now I have reading for tomorrow night's class, and then it's bedtime. I should probably go to bed now, but I never was much for logic.

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