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Cause I'm lonely, and I'm blue. I need you, and your love too...

(from archives)

In case you haven't caught on, today is my birthday. :-D

It went very well, starting with a wake up call at 11 from mommy, and having a few IMs and 11 emails this morning. I showered and went to class, receiving another few phone calls/voice mails as well at text messages. I ditched French so I could come back early, and there were signs on my door. Overall, very excellent.

I received 11 birthday cards in the mail...9 of them from my mother. As well as a helium balloon and chocolate cake that she sent. The speakers I ordered from amazon also arrived perfect?

Nothing special for dinner, but they lit candles for me and sung happy birthday before we ate the cake. It has all been very fun indeed. Now I need to do a bit of homework (blech!) before bed. Opa.

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