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Why did it have to end, and why do they always say don't look back...?

(from archives)

The birthday is almost over. Or at least in my time zone it is. And it has been GOOD. I'm always so worried that I'm going to be disappointed on my birthday, because I think birthdays are really special things and I love to get people gifts and make them feel loved and special. But I'm always worried it won't happen to me. I was definitely proven wrong this year. Things were excellent.

We just finished playing a game of Scattergories. I never did get around to that homework, but I did watch an episode of West Wing. Sam's last episode. Poor Toby! Oh, and I also got the speakers hooked up. It's so nice to actually have sound! The internal speakers were so quiet!

I was informed that I still have gifts on the way, so that was cool. And the love I felt today was so overwhelming. Still haven't heard from a few people that I thought I would, but oh well. We are all allowed to be forgetful. Just keep smilin'!

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