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What would I give to see you smiling at me...

(from archives)

Watching The Little Mermaid makes me so incredibly happy. Yay! And earlier today, I started watching and napped to Fantasia 2000. Soooo good! Yay Disney!

And I got two packages. The first from my sister Fayanne. A couple really pretty bowls, an anklet that she made, some sticky wall shapes, and some popcorn and rice. Then I got a gift from my sister Chris! The Amélie DVD and the Billy Joel Greatest Hits 1 and 2!!!!! I am SOOOOOO incredibly excited, I can't even tell you. I am coveting this CD like it's a ticket to heaven, and I need to watch Amélie for my French class by next week, so it came in PERFECT time! Love them both so much. I can't wait until Thanksgiving when I'll get to see everyone.

Unfortunately not all of today was wine and roses. I slept through my first class this morning...I went right after class ended to turn in my homework assignment before dragging myself to my second class. Then I came home, slept to Fantasia 2000 and woke up at 4:30...the time that my acting class starts. Taking Lela's advice and not wanting to be 15 minutes late, I just skipped that one as well. 3 out of the last 7 classes of mine have not been attended. Whoops.

Oh well. I'd rather not worry about it now. The Little Mermaid is on! ;-)

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