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Second star to the right, shines in the night for you...

(from archives)

Parent's weekend seems to have eaten my soul! I haven't updated this at all, and I was barely around the dorm. Crazy stuff.

But it was awesome to see the parents, and get a bunch of good food that isn't prepared on campus, AND we went shopping for birthday and Christmas presents (mostly clothes) so now I'm all set for the fridged winter months.

I'm so über tired right now, but I have two tests to study for (French... yuck, and Media...yay, but it's one of only two tests the entire semester). I'm also planning on watching Amelie with Erik today, since I have to write a two-page responce in French for extra credit. Which I need. Badly. I'm getting a B+ right now, and getting 20 extra points and doing well on the test tomorrow could bump me up to an A.

Oh, and my personal theme music seems to have taken the shape of themes from the Disney version of Peter Pan. "Second Star to the Right," "Never Smile at a Crocodile," and the traditional "We Can Fly" theme.

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