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I don't do this a lot...but... are you guilty of playlistism??? Thanks to Patty for the link! :-*

Today was certainly interesting. First, I fell asleep (unintentionally) in the Fine Arts building between my history and art class. I had 30 minutes, so I closed my eyes while listening to some tunes on my iPod and woke up at 11:14, my class starts at 11:15. It was perfect.

I also napped between those classes and my acting/choir block tonight. Not until after watching an episode of Punk'd and Rich Girls on MTV, though. Ally Hilfiger seems really cool. Her friend Jamie is a kinda prissy, Deerfield-esque, uber bitch. Oh well.

Anywho. I think my acting teacher actually likes me. I don't like her, and I thought it was mutual. She always gives me really bad scenes. But she says how much she loves this character, or that writer...and I'm like "you suck. This scene sucks." And then today she gives us our final scenes. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned how much I love Wendy Wasserstein's The Heidi Chronicles. I got a scene from Heidi!! I literally "woo-hoo!"ed in class. It was crazy cool.

That's about it for my school day. Didn't do too much tonight. Hung with the Eric/ks while they and Chad did theory homework. Called Allie and rambled on her voice mail. Talked to Patty online, as usual. That's about it, really.

And now, I'm going to get to bed. Because I haven't been getting nearly enough sleep, and I'll be in bed until 11:20 tomorrow. Mmm...lateness!

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