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It's been a few days since last I posted. This was due to some space issues on my computer. As in...I had less than 2GBs of space left on my 40GB hard drive. How did this happen, you might ask? Well, in fact...I had asked myself that same thing. I'm in the habit of downloading a lot of music, but even my 1250 song iTunes library is only 4.6 GB. And then there are those West Wing episodes...which at over 400 MB each, tend to add up quickly. So I burned all of those to CD. I have 30 total (with about 46 episodes), plus a random ER episode, a couple Will and Grace's and the pinnicle...It's Christmas Time, Charlie Brown.

After deleting all that from the hard drive, it gave me 7GBs. Pretty good, I'd say. And then my disk space somehow dropped to a dangerously low 49MB. !!!! Yes, MEGAbyte.

Well, I'll tell you brother, I could've dropped through that stage floor into the boiler room in the basement when I realized that I had somehow used up 37GBs. (Random Tennessee Williams reference there...if you got it. Which you probably won't...) Anyway...I started to search. What the hell was taking up that space? My 500MB of pictures? No. And I'd burn them to a CD, but I didn't have enough space to even do THAT! SO Patty suggested the iPod and I transfered stuff to the iPod to get enough space to burn a CD and then burned from the iPod. Handy little bitch, it is. So I got a gig, and that helped to expidite the search for the problem. I had used Finder to search for movie files that I may have missed, and large image and audio files. I went through the Apple Hardware Test. Everything was fine.

It wasn't until later tonight when I realized that Finder could search for large files. So I did a search of anything over 100000KBs (roughly 100MB) and since my movies had been cleared out, it shouldn't have picked anything up. A stray episode of West Wing appeared, and it thought and searched for a while. Then...bam, bam, bam! Random files with no specified type or titles (which were only a random combination of 20+ numbers and letters). And while some were only a few MBs, and many were zero, 35 of them exceeded 700MB. After deleting those 120+ disk space dropped drastically to 13GB, freeing up 24 gigs of space. THAT'S more like it!


So now I'm back to downloading (Pirates of the Caribbean is almost here. I can feel it!) and I'll just be more careful about crazy hidden folders named "temp" which contain crazy huge files that I think are associated with downloading so much. O:-)

This morning I registered for classes:
English: Elementary Composition (required. Yuck)
Math: Finite Math (optional, and will give me lots o' credits)
French: F250 (my LAST of the foreign language requirement)
Art History: Renaissance Through Modern Art (required for minor...if I pick it up as a minor)
Communications and Culture: Intro to CMCL (required for CMCL [aka Film Studies] major)
*Note the LACK of Theatre courses. Yes, my current major is Theatre. And I'm waitlisted for Stagecraft I.

I might change Intro to CMCL to a Hollywood II class, and Stagecraft (a class of only 15 which seems doubtful I would get in) could easily become Acting II. Total, I will have 18 credit hours. The norm is 15, and the max is 19. I would take a 7th class, except that they won't let me.

Alright, it's getting to be bedtime. I want a lot of sleep so I can be productive tomorrow. Since I definitely wasn't today...

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