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Long and tiring weekend. Friday night, we decided to randomly head to Evansville to visit a friend of Chad's and spend the night there. A ton of fun was had singing loudly in the car, staying up until 6am watching Eddie Izzard and sleeping four people on one futon. Damn, that was crazy.

We got back on Saturday and were tired and hung around for a while. I cleaned my entire room, including vacuuming and washing dishes. I showered and napped a bit, and then Zoe called! She was about 45 minutes away and we all got ready for the opera. Around 6:30, we finally (and very late) got going to Panera and then to see Falstaff. It was uber good and we got back around 11:30. Hanging out, talking, eating pizza, eventually watching a couple movies and it was a fabulous night. People here totally approved of Zoe (cause she fucking rocks) and around 6:30, we decided to go to bed. But then Lela and stayed up until 8:45am talking. And that was really the highlight of my night. It was such a great conversation and reminded me that issues on the floor are not the important shit in the world, and that Iraq and the spread of capitalism and the deterioration of Africa is far more important than who is dating who and who is jealous and who is angry.

I really want to subscribe to the paper edition of the NYTimes, but I feel like it's too hard to get in the dorms.

Anyway, sleeping at 8:45, woke up by Zoe at 10:45 and talked to her for a half hour until her ride came and she went back to Ohio. Then I went back to sleep until 4pm when I was awoken by Annie and Lela screaming at me and Chad on top of me, humping my legs. It was very odd. But then we ordered Chinese for our breakfast/lunch/dinner and have been chilling out ever since. I'm sooooo tired, so I think I'll be hitting bed early tonight. Hopefully watch a couple movies first. Amelie (without subtitles) and The Italian Job? Meh, whatever. In two days, I'm going to be home. !!!!!

Oooo...storm's a comin'. It's rainy and windy. Cold front moving it. I love rain.

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