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Is there anyone here it sucks to be...?

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I'm home. Wow. *breathes*

Woke up at 10:30, did some last-minute packing and cleaning. Mom called at 11:30, they were in the parking lot. I took them to the Union for some shopping for IU gear, then we went to pick up Annie, Lela, and Ross. We booked it to the airport and may have made Ross a bit late for his flight. :-/ I haven't heard from him though, so I'm guessing he made it. Then we went shopping with Aunt Sharon and got a 40% discount on bras at Vickie's and some clothes at Express. Kickass! No more quadra-boob! I have bras that FIT! And they're DD. Damn, where did that come from?

Anyway, next we went to drop Annie at the bus station, then we finally got on the road out of Indy toward Chicago. Excellent. Didn't hit much traffic until heading into Illinois around I-80. But it went quickly enough and we made some good choices to take 94 instead of 294 and staying with the local lanes and not the express lanes. We dropped Lela in Evanston around 8:00 and got home at 8:40. It was wonderful.

Within about 20 minutes I was already on my way out the door to go with Becca to Barnes and Noble. We got coffee and found a bunch of people, including Rob! and Caitlin. Whitney joined us later and we had some talk over the cast list before going back to Whitney's until curfew and then I went to drop of Becca and stayed over and talked to her for a while. I just got home a bit ago, and am planning to go to bed for the earliest in weeks! Crazy. But I'm exhausted.

Goodnight moon.

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