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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

My break has been going wonderfully so far. Yesterday, Patty, Rob and I went to Chipotle for lunch, then to Best Buy, where we saw Eric and Bridgette, then we went to Old Orchard so the guy at the Apple Store Genius Bar could take a look at Justin's iPod. Good news, it's under warrantee, so once the part gets in (hopefully this weekend!) I can bring it back and it will all be fixed and pretty! YAY!

Then we went back to Deerfield, dropped off Rob, went to Patty's and Jason came over. We hung out there until 5:30 for our Chipotle dinner. So much burrito-ness. A bunch of us were meeting there, so I got to see a ton of people. Nice. Then we all split for a while. I took a nap and downloaded some Ani.

At 9:30, Zoe and I met up with Candace, Chazz and Patty at Patty's house (once again) where we watched the extended version of LotR: The Two Towers. Good stuff there. The deleted scenes add a lot to the understanding, however I can see why they were taken out, because they didn't quite flow. The edited version is a munch better piece of cinematic...something. My brain is officially not working. Oh well, the movie was good. :-)

TIme to go upstairs and be social with the family. Good times.

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