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I hopelessly, helplessly wonder why...

(from archives)

And now for the random shit.

Peter Pan peanut butter is not good. Stupid Wilkie for not selling Skippy.

My birthday is next Wednesday. This is last time I'll be pimping for gifts. It shames me...but I like getting gifts. Almost more than I like to give them...but I think I actually get more pleasure in other people's happiness. Anyway...

Last night, I went to Wal-Mart at midnight. For no reason. And in retrospect, I probably shouldn't have gone. Because I didn't get home until 2. Nah, the worst part was staying up talking with Annie and Lela until 6am. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Three hours of sleep and I woke up late with 18 minutes to get ready and get to class. I usually leave at 9:10, and I didn't get up until 9:12. But I STILL made it to class on time. Boo-yah! I slept through class, but at least I was there.

When I got back from art, I slept for a bit, and have been kinda slacking since then. I had lunch, and now I'm going to study for my acting midterm. Yay studying... uh...yeah.

Oh yeah. It's also opening night tonight. Yay for Unwrap Your Candy and Vampire Lesbiens of Sodom!

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