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She'll see I'm not so tough...

(from archives)

Gail = bitter bitch. DAMN YOU, SCORPIO!!!!


Today was fine. Katie and I were silly and stayed up until 2am last night, so waking up 6 hours later was not so happy. My morning classes were more hellish than usual.

Then I napped briefly before acting. Which I've come to truly detest with a great passion. I tried to give it a chance, I really did...but it's so bad. There are a few of us who sit in a corner and countdown those precious moments until the end of class. It's wretchid.

Then I skipped choir because I had tech tonight. Another one which ran and hour and a half long. *sigh* All it really prevented me from doing was my laundry. Which is now taking up 5 washers downstairs. Party on.

Optimistically, I'll be done with laundry by 2am, and in bed by 3am. Then I can wake up at 11:20, after 8+ hours of sleep...go to my three classes in three hours (drain-o-rama) and come back and nap from 3:30pm until whenever I need to wake up for final dress at 8. Should be fine. I hope. And I'll need to do my history assignment tomorrow, as well as study for my acting midterm. Yucky.

And now...I'm going to go wait for my laundry to switch to the dryers and maybe type up my French composition that's due on Friday.

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