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But we just can't stay together, can't you see it's true...

(from archives)

Patty and I are updating sites together. Dorky, but yay! ;-)

In other news, my tech tonight ran an hour and 45 minutes late. Heads were going to roll. But now I'm eating rice and calming down. Because rice cures all evils. Carole King isn't bad for that either. I especially like her "fuck men" songs. Because yes. Males suck.

In other news...9:30am classes suck. I don't want to go tomorrow. If we didn't have to turn in an assignment, I would ditch. Get some quality sleep. Last night, I got 11 hours. I'm sick, so it felt SO GOOD.

I'll be getting to bed soon. Because I need at least 8 hours of sleep. And I'm not going to get it. I also need to do laundry because my floor looks like a bad department store exploded. Damn.

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