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It still smarts like it was four minutes ago...

(from archives)

Finished my picture project. The only "noticeable" differences would be the lacking of several and the lower quality of the ones that are still there. That should have brought my usage down significantly. Like... 10MB significantly. </geek>

I'll probably head to bed soon. But I'm not too tired, and the fact that Friday is coming up makes me very happy. I have no homework to do for tomorrow and I get a bit of a break. This weekend, I need to finish burning West Wing episodes to CD. It would make me feel very space efficient, especially after fixing the pictures.

And so...that leaves me with this random bit of...whatever: Wishing on stars. If it comes true, does it really have anything to do with you? How much do you have to want it for it to come true? If it worked once, will it work again soon, or is there a time period you have to wait before you try again?

I'm looking for the right time, and the right place. And Bonnie Raitt is in my head.

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