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I could see by the look in her eye...

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Back home in Bloomington. I left home in Deerfield at 6:15 this morning. Was so nice to be able to stay for Sunday night too. And the drive wasn't too bad. I slept for most of it.

The weather was nice today too. And things have been slow around here. In that way where they are never really slow...but in comparison, not so bad. Had a nice 2-hour conversation with a friend on the floor. It's so good to talk. So nice to be one-on-one. Quiet and privacy are two things that aren't always easy on a floor of 55.

Daddy wants me to get my foot checked out at the heath center. I should, I suppose. I've kind of decided that it's broken. Or fractured mildly. I should be an expert by now. But I refuse to wear that damn boot again!

I really need sleep though. I'm tired and I have to wake up in 8 hours. Early morning history classes will be the death of me. This is the last one I take. I swear to it.

The confines are again ready to eat my soul. I must go.

Tori'd been driving from this town for a while
Playing with the thought of leaving...

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