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Couple things...

One, cus I was bored and no one was posting anything new, I've been reading my old entries for the past half hour. I like my Journal a lot.

Two, my VCR is out to get me! I swear to god! Okay, so first, I mentioned that during the VMA's it randomly stopped recording. So I hit record again, and after a few seconds, it turns off. Not just stops recording, TURNS OFF. Okay, so the VCR is possessed. I can handle that. I tape the 4 acceptance speeches by the boys, and their performance and everything is happy. Today, I set the VCR for Ananda Lewis. It tapes about 3 minutes before cutting out completely and picking up with TRL which I had set for later. I can deal with this, the puppies weren't on Ananda today anyway. However, what I *just* realized. When I rewound to before the Ananda/TRL today so I could tape over it, the last thing on the tape was Teen Choice Awards. Um...no. Where the hell did the VMA's go?!?!?!?! I know for a fact that I would not have had the tape set to between the TCA and VMAs. I realize that sometimes I am absent minded and do stupid stuff...but I would not have done this. Fucked up piece of foreign crap. I no longer trust my own VCR.

Might go to bed soon. Try to get a really good night's sleep so I can make it through the rest of the week. *sigh*

Good night all!

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