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I just didn't think you'd ever get tired of me...

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*sigh* Paper-writing sucks.

The good news is that I recently got an email from my history professor saying that the paper isn't due until Thursday's class. Yay! But our class reading assignment is still due on Tuesday. BOO!

But I also have a museum/Art paper due Tuesday and my big Media/film paper is due Thursday. And at some point this week, I have to go see Betty's Summer Vacation because I have a theatre paper due on it next Tuesday. Not to mention that I'm performing my final scene for a grade on Tuesday. Fuckin' A...this week sucks.

Oh, and then in two weeks? I have midterms AND tech week. @(@*#&$*(#@!!!

Then after that, is my birthday and Parent's Weekend. *sigh*

Alright, I should get back to work. Too much procrastination makes the baby go blind...or something.

It's aggravating
How you threw me on and you tore me out,
How your good intentions turn to doubt,
The way you needed time to sort it out...

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