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You'll start to think you were born blind...

(from archives)

Apparently in college, the popular time to do your laundry is Thursday night at 9pm. Because when I went to do mine...all 8 washers were in use. And when I went back to check again, 3 subsequent times before 1am, they were still in use.

Thus! I did not get started with my laundry until 1:15am. Oh joy. The good thing is that I was able to monopolize 4 washers at once. And that I don't have class until 12:20pm tomorrow.

However, I still need to get some sleep. I just thought it would be nice to post about my fabulous laundry experience. Excuse me while I collapse from extreme exhaustion.

Oh, and then there's this. An amazing song that's been playing through my mind for the past couple days. So painfully and beautifully sad.

Somebody oughta take you in
Try to make you love again,
Try to make you like the way they feel
When they're under your skin.
Never want you to think they would lie
When they're holding you,
And you wonder why they haven't called
When they said they'd call you.
And you start to wonder if you're ever going to make it by,
You'll start to think you were born blind...

Yeah. *sigh*

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