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(from poofgone.com archives)

Media test. Uh...fuck. It was going SO well. I was answering things correctly, I was confident, I knew what I needed to know. Sure, there were some doubts in my mind...but overall fine. And I started the essay. One of the BEST I've written in my life. Well supported and thought out. I was just finishing with 20 minutes left in the class.

And then I realized that my essay was on the wrong film. I was analyzing Casablanca instead of The Big Sleep. Right actor, wrong film.

So I started over and wrote a crappy essay. And I forgot some of the parts of the film and others I think I confused with The Maltese Falcon. Goddamn you, Humphrey Bogart!!!


Then there was the rehearsal I forgot to go to. My SM had to call me and remind me...AHHH! I hate fucking up like that. BAD GAIL! My director is a student, so she's uber forgiving...but still. FELT SO BAD!

And then there was West Wing. URG! It's like pulling teeth recently. I can't say this enough. Aaron Sorkin needs to come back. But I'm not giving up yet. 3 episodes are alright to get the groove. Next week will be better. ...I hope.

That's my day. The highlight? Getting an email from my history professor saying that our assignment due Thursday was being pushed to next Tuesday. Rock.

And now to bed. To stop complaining. But I will remind you again, that in 28 days, I will be turning the big 1-9. And free e-cards would be SO very appreciated, but gifts from amazon.com would be that much better. Love you!!

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