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I have two hours until my first class today. In this time I really need to shower and finish studying for my Intro to Media class. I am still shaky on the dates of the silent films (Sherlock Jr. was Buster Keaton in 1924?) and this is going to be the über hard one. My art test yesterday went REALLY well...I think.

Also on the agenda for today...dishes, take out the trash, finish my history homework before 3am for once, and West Wing.

West Wing. Has been making me sad. I've been on a downloading spree, so I've been getting all the stellar 3rd season episodes, the wonderful 2nd and 4th, (not so many 1st because I have the DVDs coming in November!!!) and then I watch this fifth season. And it makes me REALLY want to bear Aaron Sorkin's children, because I bet they would have more talent from the womb than the writers (and directors) that are currently working on the show. COME BACK, AARON!!!!!

*breathes* I'm better now. I swear. And maybe now that John Goodman is getting his ass out of the oval office, things will be better. Because that is a fucking talented cast...they can make anything sound good. Right? RIGHT? They can act and make that crappy dialogue and strange situations seem plausible. Please, god, let this get better. Until they do, I'll just watch my 3rd and 4th season episodes that I've downloaded. I have 19+, not counting the 1st and 2nd seasons.


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