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Cincinnati rocked. The first night, I met up with Goldy and he drove the both of us up to Oxford, Ohio (Miami University) where we met up with Zoe. We saw Caitlin for a bit, but mostly just chilled with Zoe and her new college friends. We crashed the night there (since we didn't get there until about midnight anyway. It was SO GREAT to see people from back home again. I hadn't in the six weeks I've been here.

The next morning, Goldy drove me back to Cincy where I joined back up with my friends (Jess, Erik, Carl, Lela, Allyson, and Alex) and we went to the Ohio Renaissance Faire. I think Bristol is better, but it was still a good time.

That night, we grabbed a quick dinner that Jess's parents made us. Good lasagna! Then we dashed to the Cincinnati Shakespeare Festival Theatre where we saw one of the greatest performances I've ever seen. It was a fabulous rendition of Taming of the Shrew. It was original script but they had 20's garb, an amazing (yet simple) set and Kate was a spunky supporter of women's suffrage. It was great. We stuck around a bit after so Jess could say 'hi' to some of her friends in the cast. It was uber UBER cool. It reminded me why I'm majoring in theatre. It all just made me so incredibly happy. Theatre makes me happy.

Sunday, we had a loooooong breakfast. Starting about noon thirty and ending about two hours later. We were eating while cooking and it was so excellent. Good, homemade food. YUM! Scrambled eggs, pancakes, and some German sausage-y thing. *drools*

We played in a local park for a bit. Rolling down hills and chilling on benches. Then we left Cincinnati and got back here around 6:30pm. So it really took up all weekend. But it was good. I've just finished uploading a bunch of pictures from last week, and the weekend.

My only bad news is that my ftp upload program game me a thing that said "You don't have enough space BLAH BLAH BLAH can't upload BLAH BLAH BLAH I'm a punk ass server without enough room for you BLAH BLAH BLAH pay if you want more room PAY MORE!!!" Okay, so that wasn't exactly what it said, but either way, I had to delete the video clips and might have to start deleting some of the pictures soon. BOO! Or I pay money for more space. Zut alors!

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