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Good kid dot com

I'm such a good kid! I did all of my homework (except the History paper...can you procrastination?). I even read the physics lab (who reads labs?), and read the first play in "The Kentucky Cycle" for English and it hasn't even formally been assigned. It will be Wednesday night's homework. Yay me.

In other news, I'm actually on AIM. Haven't been for a million years. Talking to Elliott in Arizona. Yay. Generally, I don't like to go on, because my buddy list is intimidating. 18/69 people are signed on right now. I don't talk to most of them, but I have the potential of talking to about half. Which means a lot of conversations at once, and I like the one-on-one thing. To prove my point, Nikki just IMed me, and now both little boxes are flashing at the bottom of the screen. *Yes, I see you cut that out* Grrr...not a fan of AIM too much.

I honestly don't want to rub it in, but I'm so glad I don't have school tomorrow. It's only been 2 and a half weeks, and already I can't drag my butt out of bed in the mornings. I need a break. And then Yom Kippur is next Thursday, so another day off. Columbus Day is just around the corner too. And before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving break. *sigh* looking forward to the future already. It's gonna be a long year.

Yeah, so school is a depressing topic. How 'bout this? Tomorrow night, Ci and I will be seeing Five For Fighting at the House of Blues in Chicago. Yay fun-ness. I'm excited, since, ya know, it got canceled last Friday. Hopefully it will all work out well.

Silly gail. I left my gym bad on my bed. However, inside was my wet swimsuit and towel. Now my bed has a big wet spot. Oh well, I'm not planning on going to sleep any time soon; it will dry. I had to do a wet-exit in the kayak today. That's where you purposely flip yourself upside-down and have to get out. It sucked a lot. A bunch of people were like "oh, it's not that bad after you do it." Gabbi and I were like, "you people lie, that was not good". Oh, god. I just used the word "like" twice. I've been living on the North Shore for too long. Soon I'll be walking around with my hundred dollar Abercrombie sweater, and Gap purse, while wearing a pair of Express jeans - all of which my mom bought for me. Oh shit! Well, I bought the purse myself with an allowance from mommy. *shrugs* If you can't beat them, join them.

I go now. Be back later.

Current Music: Something Like You - *NSYNC
*This I Promise You (Grammy's) - *NSYNC [love the harmonies in this version. Yummy singing boys...]
*Spin Around - Josie and the Pussycats
*Tired (studio version) - Tabitha's Secret
*On Your Own - Single
*Toad the Wet Sprocket doing a radio interview with a short Jeremy cover
*Fascination Street - Matchbox 20
*Wonder - Natalie Merchant
*Strange Cup of Tea - Sister Hazel

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