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I'm still in my pajamas. I woke up around 9am, so it's been nearly 9 hours of me lounging.

Perhaps its some sort of avoidance. I'm keeping my mind off of everything today. I probably shouldn't because sooner or always catches up. Probably sometime between now and April. The worst part is that so few people understand. Most the people on Journal don't even know what the fuck I'm talking about.

But I did watch season five of "Sex and the City" (it's only 8 episodes), and now I'm on to season three of "Friends." Less cynicism in "Friends" than the latter season of "Sex and the City."

8pm EST - Screen Actors Guild Awards on TBS and TNT ("Desperate Housewives" is a rerun according to TV Guide, so there shouldn't be any conflicts)
10pm EST - "Grey's Anatomy" on ABC

"Friends" will continue until 8pm.

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