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I woke up in pieces and Elisabeth had disappeared again..

The Matador was hilarious. I enjoyed it immensely. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. Pierce is just so good.

Came home and watched The Good Girl which was good. Not great, but solid. Jake Gyllenhaal's character reminded me a lot of his character in Brokeback Mountain...same sense of idylic dreamer. And of course, I love Jennifer Aniston. Not her best, but it wasn't Jake's best either. They needed a better director.

Now I've put in Broken Flowers, which I'm hoping will be a little more of a pick-me-up, because The Good Girl was awfully depressing. Bill Murray is hit or miss with me. I liked The Royal Tenenbaums and he was decent in Lost in Translation but I always wish someone else were playing his roles...because I feel like they would be better in someone else's hands.

It's officially past midnight, and thus, my cousin's birthday. She's 22. That seems so much older than me. I guess 9 months can be a lifetime.

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