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Should you stay or should you go? Well if you don't have the answer, why you still standing here...?

I got way too much sun today. Not only am I burned on my face and chest, I chugged a 20 oz. water and then took a 2 and a half hour nap. However, Expedition Everest at the Animal Kingdom doth rock. It will be better when there isn't a 2 hour wait. And because it was two-hours for the ride, we grabbed lunch before and left right after.

It really sucks having a 4-hour limit on the Disney fun (the aunts have dogs, and with the 4-hour round trip journey to Disney, we can't stay longer than the dogs can hold it). It will be much better when Emily is down here because then we (my mom, me, Emily, and Tom if he would come) can stay on our own and send the aunts with dogs heading out early. Theoretically, my mom and I could stay longer now...but I don't like to spend too much alone time with her. It gets awkward. Much like in the car on the way to Disney when I felt 16 again. It's my favorite.

So I was thinking about Brokeback Mountain recently, and it reminded me of Shakespeare in Love. Not in plot or theme, but the part where the queen (Dame Judi Dench) says that she has yet to see "real" love portrayed on the stage, and the idea of whether it's possible at all. [Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes, dressed as a woman) challenges Lord Wessox (Colin Firth) that true love, indeed, CAN be portrayed realistically on stage.] In the way that Romeo and Juliette accomplishes this feat for the theatre, I think Brokeback Mountain does it for the screen. It sounds a little trite when put this way, but I think it's the most real love story put on screen. Fuck all the controversy, it's just a good movie.

And now, I'm off to see The Matador because there's nothing good on TV on Saturdays...and because it looks hilarious. Oh Pierce, you beautiful bundle of man.

Celebrity birthdays today: Elijah Wood (25), Alan Alda (70), Joey Fatone (29)

Reminder: Screen Actor's Guild awards are tomorrow night on TBS and TNT (simulcast)

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