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Class was canceled, so I wasted 40 minutes of my time driving to campus, hunting out a parking spot, walking the half-mile to get to class, reading the note on the door announcing the cancellation, walked the half-mile back to my car, fighting traffic to get off campus, fighting traffic to get back to my apartment and finally getting here.

I guess I should be glad class was canceled, but I like this class. I like the professor. It's all of the good.

Tomorrow morning's class, on the other hand, could be canceled indefinitely and I wouldn't mind. Except that I need the credit. Oh well.

In other news, I have found myself swimming in a pool of denial lately. Not good for the mental health...but then again, the mental health issue is one that I'm denying, so I guess you can either see the glass as completely full, or entirely empty. I prefer not to see the glass at all.

That said, I make lists to help organize and make sure I actually finish things that are somewhat important, so this is only for myself.

- Finish laundry
- Read Berger for FIL1007
- Read "Riding the Bus With My Sister" for ENC
- Do "Discovering Arguments" assignment for ENC
- Do Terminator assignment for FIL2107

I was going to use this free time of no-class-ness to see Brokeback Mountain, but I might actually try to put the nose to the grindstone and finish at least the first two things on the list. I can always go to the movie tomorrow in the 7 and a half hours between my classes.

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