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Your vision of romance is cruel and all along I played the fool...

I just added my 400th movie to my Netflix queue.

Actually, that's a bit misleading because I have a few TV shows on there with multiple discs, and even a couple 2- or 3-disc miniseries. So I suppose there are 400 DVDs worth of viewing material on my Netflix queue.

This is a lot. Like...a ton. Lately, I've been averaging 3 movies a week. Pretty good...12 movies a month.

Assuming that I don't add any more movies to the list, it will take me 34 months (almost 3 full YEARS) to watch everything on my queue. And of course, I DO add to it...almost every day. Things that I missed seeing in the theatre, or older films that I've decided require my viewing. Today I added The Squid and the Whale along with Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. Oy.

So let's say I have my Netflix subscription for another 34 months (and assuming they don't hike up the price), I will be spending $651.78. Though in all fairness, I've spent that in a month purchasing DVDs from Best Buy (scary, eh?). So it's really not THAT bad. And if I were to rent 400 movies from Blockbuster (assuming $3.99 per rental, regardless of new or old...I'm not actually sure the pricing they use now)...$1596.00. And that doesn't include tax.

Moral of the story: Netflix rocks. Get it. It will suck you dry of money, and you will be hooked for several years to come, but it is SO worth it.

Viewing schedule for today:
1:25p - The New World (2h30m)
4:25p - Match Point (2h04m)
Possible dinner break before possible...
7:15p - Brokeback Mountain (2h14m...for a third time)

Not having class today rocks. And not having class until 3pm tomorrow rocks too. Oh, and I rock.

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