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This is the most brilliant song every written. I am quite sure of it.

That said, my brain is definitely not working properly today. Example: I was trying to type the word decide, but instead of my fingers just whipping it out as they do everything else, I had the think consciously about the way it's spelled. Which is harder because I had to ask myself "is it di or de?" and then there was "side" versus "cide" and my mind was leaning toward "side" because "cide" isn't a word. Dicide, diside, deside... It took at least 7 seconds of my time...trying to spell decide.

And then there was "cuote" because "q" is apparently an unnecessary letter when you have "c" and "k" around.

The mind needs to wake up before I do, me thinks.

On the agenda for today: see Match Point and The New World if I can hop from one to the other. I don't know if I want to spend $$ on two movies today. Especially since I have Broken Flowers here from Netflix and I really need to watch The Usual Suspects again, because it's the best movie ever.

Yesterday I did indeed watch Return to Me and as I curled up to go to sleep, I put in Sense & Sensibility (from Netflix). Good, but if we're talking Jane Austen screen adaptations, I'm going to have to watch Pride & Prejudice...because everything about it was simply amazing.

And with that, I check on movie times, finish posting my comment to Zoe, and if the people at the movie theatre are lucky...shower. But it might not happen today. Maybe tonight.

She must be tired of something...


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Jan. 23rd, 2006 04:12 pm (UTC)
Ben Franklin wanted to get rid of q.

And C.

K and S were sufficient for him. Well, not really. There were like 6 letters he wanted to eliminate and then replace with 6 letters whose sounds would be novel.
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