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Rob the Tool from last season is cameo-ing on Project Runway!

How excited am I?!

EDIT: I think the Orbitz gay travel commercial is hilarious. It's sad that it only airs on channels like Bravo.

EDIT, the second: Next week, Jay (McCarroll, winner of Season One) will be on as a guest judge! Yay! I was really tempted to buy a tote bag he designed from the Project Runway store. I know, I'm a loser. But it would be cute for carrying books to class. And pretty damn unique.

In other news, my Regal opens both The New World and Match Point (as well as Brokeback Mountain) this Friday. Yay!

I might have to see all three. Though I don't know if I can see Brokeback alone. For me, it was more emotional the second time than the first. So who knows what a third viewing would bring...

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