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The pre-show:

- Eric Bana is so foreign.
- Isaac Mizrahi is the greatest ever and asks the least appropriate questions (especially to the Desperate Housewives).
- George Clooney looks hot as always. I think he's closeted. But then again...I think everyone is gay.
- Heath looks gorgeous, Michelle looks not as good.
- Patrick Dempsey makes me so happy.
- Ryan Seacrest is the biggest tool. But Isaac is calling him on it at every turn!
- Zach Braff is a cutie and I think he and Mandy Moore are hot.
- Any award show that combines my favorite actors from television and film is awesome.
- DAVID STRATHAIRN is the love of my life. Yay. And the girl interviewing him SUCKS. She's talking about George Clooney with him. WTF?
- Keira Knightly is HOT. She's the other love of my life. And funny!
- Paul Giamatti is hilarious. He's great.
- Candice Bergen is looking fabulous.
- Alanis is there! *swoon*
- Felicity Huffman is drop-dead gorgeous in such a NORMAL way. Move over Eva and Teri! (I love them both but...)

*EXPLODE!* I'm too excited...

- Marcia Cross is adorable. So sweet.
- William Petersen!!! I would totally DO Gil Grissom.
- Gwyneth!!! I love pretty pregnant ladies. So cute. The husband is home with Apple and Blythe. How much does that suck for him?
- SJP and Matthew! Adore. Quite possibly the best Hollywood couple. (A close second is Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy, though.)
- I haven't seen Paul Bettany on the carpet, but he looks good in the commerical for Firewall. And in The Da Vinci Code. 'Tis the year of the Bettany.
- The Johnny has arrived. Still has creapy mustache like last year, but he ditched the gross glasses. And he's just hot. I would die if I ever met him.
- Reese is adorable. I love her.
- Scarlett Johansson...not gonna lie, I don't really like her. As far as young stars go, she is not the best.
- Isaac has felt up more women tonight than Hugh Heffner!
- Renée is adorable. She needs to get good roles.
- Charlize. Eh. She could be a lumberjack.
- Another commercial note: Terry Bradshaw is going to be in the new SJP/Matthew McConaughey movie? WTF?
- Johnny is playful this evening. Rowr!
- Mariah is a little chunky, but looking happy.
- Dean Cain is there!!!! Hee hee. Screw Tom Welling, Dean is the only Superman.
- Rosario Dawson is looking very free-lovin'. Appropriate for Golden Globes.

Time to switch to NBC and the next journal entry.

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