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Films I've seen (since December):
- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
- Pride and Prejudice
- Brokeback Mountain (twice)
- The Family Stone
- King Kong
- Rumor Has It
- Munich
- Breakfast on Pluto

Remaining list:
- Syriana
- Memoirs of a Geisha
- The Producers
- Casanova
- The White Countess (limited)
- Tristan and Isolde (1/13)
- Match Point (1/20, wide)
- The New World (1/20 being re-released after Director Terrance Malick pulled it from theatres to do VERY last minute editing)
- Transamerica (1/20)
- Nanny McPhee (1/27)
- Imagine Me & You (1/27, limited)
- Thank You For Smoking (3/17, limited)
- Inside Man (3/24)
- Catch and Release (4/28)

Films to watch for (need to know more before officially adding to the list):
- Firewall (2/10)
- Failure to Launch (2/10)
- Winter Passing (2/17, limited)
- Lonesome Jim (3/10, limited)
- Basic Instinct 2 (3/31)
- Lucky Number Slevin (3/31)
- Friends with Money (4/7)
- Lucky You (4/7)
- When Do We Eat? (4/7)
- American Dreamz (4/14)
- The Wild (4/14)

Then we get into Summer movies, in which Da Vinci Code and X3 top my list...but 4 months is plenty far in advance. Adjustments will be made as I hear about other possibly decent features, or that any of the above is a smelly pile of turd.

Oh, and I think Ebert is pussy-ing out in his old age. He isn't giving anything thumbs down to anything anymore. Cheaper By the Dozen 2, Roger? Really? This podcast is not worth subscribing to.

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