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My professor tonight claimed to be a "type A personality" but she was very inefficient and not terribly organized. She hadn't stapled the syllabus and instead of passing around the stack of papers and telling everyone to take all four pages, she went around and individually passed out the pages to everyone. Also, she got on so many tangents while going over the syllabus, that I started drifting and wished I could take out my cell phone to play games on.

Is it just me, or is this not very "type A"? Like...she should have been well-prepared for class, including having the syllabi stapled. She might be "type A" but I think she's also ADD.

Oh, and she said this is a "very difficult" writing class because we will be focused on "detail"...which I have found out means we'll be siting sources in correct MLA (or if you choose, APA) format.


Well fuck. We've been doing that since Freshman year in high school. It should be noted that this is NOT the first required writing class, but English Composition II. So everyone has already had a semester of writing papers. I'm wondering how the hell the did a research paper without quotes and citations.

I wish I could pass out of this class. It would leave me space in my schedule to add an Art History class. But add/drop ends Friday, and I don't know if UCF allows you to "test out of" an English course.

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