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Oh my god.

Where hell have I been???

Jon Stewart is hosting the Academy Awards?!?!?!?!?!

This is fabulous. Last I heard, Chris Rock wasn't coming back, and they asked Billy Crystal and he turned them down.

Dammit. I bet he talked about it on the show. Why the hell haven't I been watching the Daily Show?!?!


In other news:
Golden Globes: Monday, January 16. 8pm EST. (NBC)
Screen Actors Guild: Sunday, January 29. 8pm EST (TNT & TBS, simulcast)
Independent Spirit Awards: Saturday, March 4. Live on IFC, recast on AMC. Times TBA
*Academy Awards: Sunday, March 5. 8pm EST (ABC)

I let my IFP membership lapse (because I don't have $50), so I don't get to vote on the Independent Spirit Awards this year. :-(

*Nominations to be announced Tuesday, January 31.

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