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A few quick things:

1) For my fashionistas - is it wrong to wear very dark blue jeans with a black shirt? My mom and aunt say "no" but I don't know if I trust two old biddies like them.

2) The IMDb "Truly Trivial" fact today is as follows: This 1985 movie was shot with three different conclusions, and a random ending was shown in every theater where the film screened. (answer)

I think that's interesting. Two people could have seen the film in two different cinemas and seen a different ending. I'd only seen the movie on cable TV or video, so I never realized the original version didn't have all three endings.

3) Last night, I had to fill out a student info sheet for my class (pretty normal) but there was a question that said "list at least two accomplishments" or something like that. I couldn't think of anything. Is that bad?

I've continued to think about it, and I still haven't come up with any great accomplishments. The professor gave an example of having children or playing sports. I have/do neither.

Last note: Casablanca is amazing. I've seen it probably 5 times and I never get bored of it.

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