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I love to shop!

If only I had more money...oh well. Yeah, so what little money I have is going to be wasted tonight. I've decided to skip going out with friends (I don't think we had anything planned yet anyways). This way it will make daddy happy (probably not, but whatever, it gives me leverage) and Mommy pays for dinner. My list of stuff to buy:

*Dogma Special Edition DVD
*Almost Famous DVD
*Almost Famous Soundtrack
*Chasing Amy DVD
*Guster CD - Lost and Gone Forever

--There's also a bunch of stuff I might wait on buying, unless I get overly compulsive (which is entirely possible)--

~Empire Records DVD
~Clerks DVD
~Remember the Titans DVD and Soundtrack
~Truth About Cats and Dogs DVD
~Whatever else is in the aisles of Best Buy that is too tempting to pass up.

I'm going to be so broke, but happy. I could watch the Almost Famous Tiny Dancer/Bus Scene 300 times and not get sick of it. It's such a great movie. Kate Hudson and Francis McDermott both deserved the Oscar's for their roles. Incredible film.

Gotta go for now, I'm sure I'll check back later after my shopping spree. Kuzcotopia, I'm so happy! (random Emperor's New Groove quote, I apologize.)

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